Content Warning! This episode is not appropriate for children’s ears!

We were not taught healthy sexuality in the church. The shame and fear surrounding sex is taught to us by the church and it’s leaders and it is passed down generation to generation. We are breaking out of that and learning healthier thoughts and ideas surrounding sex and our sexuality. And hopefully we’re teaching better things to our kids.


2 Replies to “Dissident Daughters: 003: Let’s Talk About Sex!”

  1. You made a comment in this episode that really was my trigger to finding the rabbit hole. One of you said you felt guilty for enjoying sex too much. My wife and I had a great round of sex – we were then in the shower after and she looked odd. I asked what was the matter and she replied that the sex was great and that she was feeling some guilt for enjoying it too much. I wish I could go back and use some of the communication skills I have since learned. Instead I was quiet.
    Later, I had the following thought steps. Church claims 16 million members. Hmm surely there are some therapist in that bucket. In that bucket surely there are some sex therapist. So I literally googled Mormon sex therapist and found Natasha Helpher Parker on Mormon Stories. In that episode I heard her asked about the Book of Abraham. And the interview of a sitting Bishop and his podcast. From there it was a whole lot of huh? huh? huh? 4 years later I feel like I have earned a degree in religious studies.

    1. Wow, yes I can totally relate! The rabbit hole is so deep! I also feel like I’ve earned a degree in religious studies! haha! It became like a part time job for a couple of years!

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