In Mormon theology Heavenly Mother exists, but like the LDS women whose destiny she represents, she has no authority. We are told that we shouldn’t pray to her or put too much emphasis on her. She is hidden from us. But we need our Mother God! In this episode we dive into our exploration of the divine feminine and how much it has meant to us on our faith journeys.


2 Replies to “Dissident Daughters: 007: Heavenly Mother”

  1. Love your podcast ladies ❤
    I’m just wondering if there is a link to the beautiful poem “I Am She” available?
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

    1. Thank you for your comment! So to find the poem on youtube you have to search for the Sanctuary Conference, it will come up and have a date of April 3 2021 and it will have this little heading: “For those whose beliefs are shifting and who dare to imagine something more beautiful, inclusive, and full of love. For those of us …” There are several speakers and the whole things is awesome, but if you’re just looking for the poem reading it’s at around the 23 minute mark. It’s amazing! Thanks for listening, glad you are enjoying it!

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