This is my first episode of the new year and I wanted to talk about my feelings about new years resolutions as well as reflect on the past year. If you feel icky about new years resolutions and the idea of always striving to be perfect this is your episode! Let’s just keep learning to love ourselves more, find joy in good enough and just being kind to ourselves. This journey is hard enough, we don’t need more pressure to keep striving to be worthy and better, just being instead of always doing.


2 Replies to “Dissident Daughters Episode 034: Welcome Back and Happy New Year!”

  1. Glad you’re back!
    A little off topic to this episode, but as a 43 y.o. gay may who was rejected by his own mother and father, yours is the voice amongst the exmo podcasts that speaks loudest to me. I think your kids are so lucky to have a mother that was capable of change and is now able to love them fully and without condition.
    I love to hear from female voices that are in or coming out of the mormon faith – it gives me hope that mine can be a cautionary tale only and won’t be repeated.
    Thank you for rejecting the model of perfection! We are all worthy without needing to prove ourselves!
    So looking forward to the Native Voices series.

    1. Hi James, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so sorry that you were rejected by your own parents, that should never happen but unfortunately it does, I think that’s one of the most damaging things that religion does to people. It makes me so sad. I’m so glad that my podcast speaks to you and that it gives you some hope. Thank you for sharing that feedback with me, it means the world and it’s exactly the reason why I do this podcast.

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