Dissident Daughters, Episodes

Dissident Daughters: 014: Happy Pride!

Today I sit down with my daughter Jezabel again and talk about attending pride in Salt Lake City for the first time! We talk about the struggles of coming out as gay in Utah and as a Mormon. We talk about the harm the LDS church causes our LGBTQ brothers […]

Dissident Daughters, Episodes

Dissident Daughters: 013: Flying Solo

Today I’m flying solo and sharing some of my thoughts about discussing faith crisis with family and friends. Do you need help figuring out how to walk this tightrope? Do you want to feel validated and heard instead of dismissed and blown off? This is a really difficult part of […]

Dissident Daughters, Episodes

Dissident Daughters: 011: Interviewing Jezebel

In this episode “Ada” interviews her daughter “Jezebel” to find out more about her faith journey and her experience coming out as gay while being a believing mormon. This is a great conversation between mother and daughter on finding ourselves, traversing a faith crisis and finding joy and love in […]

Dissident Daughters, Episodes

Dissident Daughters: 007: Heavenly Mother

In Mormon theology Heavenly Mother exists, but like the LDS women whose destiny she represents, she has no authority. We are told that we shouldn’t pray to her or put too much emphasis on her. She is hidden from us. But we need our Mother God! In this episode we […]


Dissident Daughters: 001: Introduction

Our very first episode we thought it important to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about our stories. We are 2 best friends deconstructing Mormonism and re-learning how to live life with a new world view and no more high demand religion telling us how to do it.